Undergraduate Courses

MIRC faculty are involved in a number of undergraduate courses. The goal of our educators is to give students the fundamental knowledge they need to understand the role of the immune system in health and disease and to share the exciting research in immunology  that is being carried out at our centre. A variety of undergraduate immunology and related courses are offered by MIRC Faculty under the BHSc Program.

First-Year Undergraduate Course

The McMaster Immunology Research Centre introduces first year students to immunology  with a dynamic research-oriented overview of  current topics. This course gives  new students the chance to meet faculty and to learn about MIRC's current research directions and future challenges.

This non-comprehensive course features lectures and lively tutorials led by MIRC's lead researchers to introduce students to interesting immunological topics such as vaccinations, allergies, autoimmunity, cancer, manipulation of immune systems and more. This two lecture per week textbook-free course will highlight MIRC's impact in the medical field, and what MIRC hopes to accomplish in the years to come. 

Dr. Carl Richards is the course co-ordinator and any questions about the course can be directed to him.

HTH 3I03 - Introductory Immunology
HTH 3K03 - Introductory Virology
HTH 3EO3 - Inquiry Immunology
HTH 4II3 - Advanced Immunology
HTH 4J03 - Biochemical Immunology
HTH 4O03 - Principles of Viral Pathogenesis
MOL BIOL 4P03/6P03 Medical Microbiology (Formerly BIOLOGY 4P03)
HTH 1IO6 - Cellular and Molecular Systems
HTH SCI 1PA3 - Current Topics in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences