Undergraduate Student Opportunities

Undergraduate students from many programs (Biochemistry, Health Sciences, Biology, Life Sciences, Chemistry, etc) participate in many aspects of our research program and may be hired as thesis, summer and co-op students. Undergraduates interested in working at MIRC should be aware that there are relatively few positions that fill up quickly. Please contact individual faculty members to inquire about availability.


by Charles Yin

The experience of the undergraduate researcher is unique. It is an experience that has the potential to challenge, to inspire, or even to irrevocably alter the career of a young scientist. The McMaster Immunology Research Centre is a place that does all three.

MIRC provides a positive and enriching environment for its undergraduate researchers. From its world-class facilities to the stimulating and ground-breaking research being carried out by its researchers, MIRC is an excellent place for an undergrad to make a start into academia and research. Weekly seminars and an occasional social outing give undergraduate researchers the means to engage with other members of MIRC both intellectually and personally. All the while, MIRC faculty and trainees never hesitate to make undergraduate researchers feel welcome and useful in the lab, and integrate undergraduates into their research as full and productive lab members.

If an undergraduate research experience can shape a student’s outlook on academia and research, then MIRC is sure to help shape that outlook for the better.