Recombinant Virus Production

MIRC scientists have produced >100 recombinant adenoviruses which are available to the research community.

We have also produced numerous recombinant vesicular stomatitis viruses, which are available to the community.

We are also capable of producing custom recombinant adenovirus and vesicular stomatitis vectors.

Finally, MIRC benefits from a 3000 sq ft Good Manufacturing Process virus production facility. We have already produced 2 batches of GMP virus that have met with regulatory approval and one has been delivered safely to humans.

For further information regarding our capacities for producing research-grade and clinical-grade viruses, contact Dr. Maria Fe C. Medina at

Details of the facility

We have a catalogue of over 100 recombinant adenovirus vectors that are available to the scientific community for in vitro and in vivo experiments. The Robert E. Fitzhenry Vector Laboratory produces recombinant viruses and vaccines at GMP-level production for phase I and phase II clinical trials. The 3,000 ft2 production facility was built with regards to Health Canada GMP guidelines. It is divided into two suites connected by a pass-through with each suite having limited key access. The Cell Laboratory Suite is used for growth of uninfected host cells and preparation of starting materials. It contains a Grade-A Biosafety Cabinet inside a HEPA-filtered cell culture room with positive air pressure. The Vector Laboratory Production Suite is used for all vector-associated activities. Within this area is a Cleanroom suite that is dedicated for the manufacture of clinical-grade vectors.