An interview with Heather VanSeggelen, PhD

Current Scientific Advisor at GSK


Dr. Heather VanSegglen completed her PhD in Dr. Jonathan Bramson's lab, where I worked on developing novel immunotherapies for cancer, specifically focusing on engineering T cells using synthetic receptors called "Chimeric Antigen Receptors" or CARs.

In her role as a Scientific Advisor at GSK, Heather's favourite thing is that no two days are ever really the same. In Medical Affairs, they sit at the centre of nearly all other parts of the business - marketing, regulatory, clinical, sales, reimbursement, government affairs, communications, and more, and as a result are involved in a wide variety of different projects.

Tell us about your time at MIRC.
Tell us about your career and what excites you most about it.
What led you to pursue your current career?
How did your time at MIRC prepare you for your career?
What is a favourite memory from your time at MIRC?
What is some advice you would give to current MIRC trainees?