An interview with Dr. Amy Gillgrass

MIRC’s newest faculty member

MIRC would like to welcome Dr. Amy Gillgrass, who is joining the centre as an Assistant Professor and initiating a research program focusing on studying HIV/TB co-infections. Dr. Gillgrass brings years of valuable expertise and knowledge in immunology, with a diverse background in infection and immunity as well as cancer research.

After completing her Master of Science under the supervision of Dr. W.J. Miller, Dr. Gillgrass joined Dr. Kaushic’s lab as a research assistant, where she primarily worked on studying the impact of hormones on viral infections in the female genital tract. From there, she completed her PhD under the supervision of Dr. Ali Ashkar, with a focus on stimulating the immune system to fight cancer. During her graduate studies, Dr. Gillgrass was the recipient of several prestigious awards including the NSERC-Canada Postgraduate Scholarship A, the D.C. Russell Memorial Scholarship, the CIHR Frederick Banting and Charles Best Graduate Scholarship Award (Doctoral), and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Fellowship (Doctoral). Dr. Gillgrass’ passion for immuno-oncology led her to complete a translational postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Oncology under the supervision of Dr. Anita Bane. She continued her funding success by obtaining the highly competitive Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Fellowship (Post-Doctoral). Along with pursuing research, Dr. Gillgrass spent a lot of time teaching in various capacities at McMaster University. Her breadth of experience spans both academia and industry, as she was recently a Scientist for Turnstone Biologics. MIRC is honoured to have Dr. Gillgrass join us as a new faculty member.

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