A study published in Cell today unravels the novel ability of innate immune cells in the lung to remember past experiences.

The research, led by McMaster University professor and immunologist Dr. Zhou Xing, revealed that these cells - known as innate immune cells - were capable of forming immunological memories following viral lung infections. It also shed new lights on how such innate immune memory formed. Specifically, the study found that induction of memory macrophages in the lung was intimately linked to the works of adaptive T cells during the early effector phase of host responses.

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At the recent gala dinner for the American Society of Reproductive Immunology Annual Meeting, Dr. Charu Kaushic was presented with the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology Award, which is one of the highest awards from the Society. "This award is presented annually to a senior investigator who has made outstanding contributions to the area of reproductive immunology".  CONGRATS to Charu!


Charu Kaushic

This is new work published by Sophie  as first author and Ali as senior author, with collaborators from Hamilton Health Sciences, on the potential of NK cell immunotherapy  in ovarian cancer.


Congratulations to Dr. Karen Mossman! For more info, read here

Jonathan Bramson is giving white blood cells a new mission: to seek out and destroy tumours.


Congratulations Sophie Poznanski from the Ashkar Lab for the only Master's Student in receiving the Ontario Women's Health Scholar. Her research involves the understanding of Natural Killer immune cells as a new treatment for ovarian cancer. Read more about it here: http://cou.on.ca/about/awards/ontario-womens-health-scholars/2017-owhs-bios/




Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Bramson, who will be taking on the role of the associate dean of research for the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS). This is an incredibly prestigious position, and we know that Dr. Bramson will do an excellent job. Read the full release here:



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