Congratulations to the recently announced external and internal award winners!

Winners of internal and external trainee awards beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year were recently announced. Among them were many MIRC trainees. These awards recognize the excellent work and outstanding potential of the winners:

Arya Afsahi (Bramson Lab; OGS)

Puja Bagri (Kaushic Lab; CGS-D)

Arinjay Banerjee (Mossman Lab; Michael DeGroote Fellowship)

Ksenia Bezverbnaya (Bramson Lab; OGS)

Jessica Breznik (Bowdish Lab; OGS)

Rebecca Burchett (Bramson Lab; CGS-M)

Michael D’Agostino (Xing Lab; OGS)

Haley Dupont (Kaushic Lab; CGS-M)

Ramtin Ghasemi (Kaushic Lab; CGS-M)

Yechan Kim (Hirota Lab; Eva Eugenia Lillian Cope Research Scholarship, OFG)

Joshua McGrath (Stampfli Lab; OGS)

Maria Nguyen (Larche Lab; OGS)

Sophie Poznanski (Ashkar lab; OGS)

Hannah Stacey (Miller Lab; DeGroote Doctoral Scholarship of Excellence, OGS)

Danya Thayaparan (Stampfli Lab; OGS)

Maryam Vaseghi-Shanjani (Xing Lab; OGS)

Alyssa Vito (Mossman Lab; Vanier CGS)

Ali Zhang (Miller Lab; CGS-D)

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